Frequently asked questions


What kinds of events do you do? Do you do birthday parties?

Yes, I do birthday parties as well as corporate events, festivals, family gatherings and much, much more - Any event where children are present! Even adults are kids at heart. All my entertainment is clean and family friendly!

Can you come to our event as a trademark character?

No. Trademark characters are licensed and protected by law. That is why I have developed a variety of FUN characters for you to choose from. Please choose the one that fits in best with your event!

I don't want a clown or magician. Can I book you in street clothes?

Yes, and it is a more more economical option for you. However, it is a more memorable experience for your guests/customers to have a photo op with a clown or magician.

Should I contact you before or after I have sent out the invitations or advertise my event?

If possible, please call and book with me BEFORE sending out your invitations or advertising your event to ensure availability. Many people call me after they have sent out their invitations, only to find out that I am already booked. Then they are scrambling to find other entertainment. If you haven't sent out your invitations, you still have the flexibility of changing the date/time of your event if you wish.

What is the best way to plan our event with you?

Decide the date, time and location for your event, allowing for some flexibility to bring everything together. Contact me prior to finalizing date and time, if possible. Prioritize what kinds of activities you would like at your event. For a list of what I do, please see the home page. Consider how many children you expect at your event and how long you would like me to be there. See below for time required for face painting and balloons. Consider what your budget is. Then I can work with you on customizing my activities for your event.

Do you require a deposit for bookings?

For corporate events, generally no. A signed contract will reserve your date and time with me. For private events, yes. To reserve your date and time with me, I require a $50.00 deposit and a signed or confirmed contract. You can pay your deposit through, or I can arrange to meet you in the Bloomington/Normal area to accept cash.

What is your most popular birthday party package?

My most popular package is a 30 minute clown magic show + face painting and/or balloons. I can do the magic show for all the children at once, but I can only do face painting and balloons one at a time. Time required depends on the number of children and what kind of face painting and/or balloons you want. You also have the option of choosing just one activity or any combination of activities, based on your budget and the time allotted.

What kinds of extras do you provide at birthday parties?

Optional and free of charge: Coloring pages and stickers for every child at the party and a gift for the birthday child. Prize drawings for 3-5 winners may be available at some parties. I promote reading, so I give away books at my parties! In addition, I will be available for photo ops with the children when I am in costume.

How can we book you and how much do you charge?

You can book me by the hour, by the day or for multiple dates. Charges vary based on which character you choose and the length of the booking. There may be an extra charge if additional personnel are required. Please contact me to discuss how much time is needed to perform the activities you want and get precise charges.

How many faces can you paint in an hour?

Full faces - 10-12; Cheek art - 20-25; Mixed - about 15. The less children, the more creative I can be.

How many balloons can you twist in an hour?

It depends on the simplicity and type of balloon sculpture. For both face painting and balloon twisting, if there are a lot of children, I will twist simple one balloon sculptures. If there is a smaller # of children, I can get more elaborate and creative.

What will we need to provide for you at our event?

For face painting and balloons, I will need a sheltered area, one large table, 2-3 chairs and water for drinking and face painting. For a clown/magic show, I will need 1 large table and a 10' x 10' performance area, if possible, not counting the area where the children sit up front to watch the show.

Do we need to provide/purchase balloons and face painting products for you to use at our event?

No. I bring my own professional balloons and face painting products. These are included in your price.

Do you do singing telegrams for adults?

Yes, Fun Faces & Happy Times can make sure your special friend receives a special surprise!

Do you do individual balloon orders?

Yes, I can do special orders. Examples I have done in the past: a crazy hat for a man going to a company picnic, a balloon flower bouquet for a little girl's dance recital, a large flower bouquet in a balloon basket for someone's birthday, or a balloon character for a special order. Contact me well ahead of time and I'll try to provide something special for you.

Does your daughter, Miss Clarissa still twist balloons with you?

Yes, but only when she is available. Clarissa has worked with me since she was 9 years old. She's all grown up now, going to college and working her own job. Please ask about her availability for events.

Can you do face painting or balloon twisting quickly for large numbers of children?

It depends on your expectations. Do you want a vending machine or a memorable clowning experience? If you expect every child to get something, then please allow adequate time and money in your budget to accomplish this. If your budget only allows for me to come for a couple of hours, then I can do face painting or balloon twisting for the children as time allows. When I am in clown costume, I prefer to take some time to make each child feel special and give a photo op if desired. This makes a much more memorable experience for your guests/customers and promotes a good image for the art of clowning.

Can you provide all the table centerpieces, decorations, balloon arches for my event?

No, not at this time.

Do you provide treat bags for the children?

No, not at this time.